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As explained on the front page, is not the only tilde.

So what sets apart from the rest?

The Tildeverse

The tildeverse is the larger network of tildes. They generally give out secure unix accounts to anyone who asks, giving each user their direct SSH access to the command-line on the server, as well as their own home folder, and their own "public_html" folder where they can host their own little personal website on the tilde. For example, take a look at, which has a list of all their usernames on the front page which link to each user's personal website. Most of the action of the tildeverse happens on the command-line, though, which is only accessible to those with an account.

So there are two sides to the "tildeverse". The public side, which are the public webpages the users create, and the more private side, which is the closed-off internal world of the tilde and everything that goes down on the server, in the internal chatrooms and various programs and other ways to interact on the command-line, inside the server.


So what sets apart from the rest?

  1. Noobs come first.
  2. It's not really fair to say this is not true of all the tildes. The ones we know of are quite friendly and cater to newcomers quite well. However, there is a substantial barrier to entry: you have to have some understanding of the command line! And you have to be able to use the command line program "ssh". On, we give many opportunities to participate without any technical knowledge. We have an open wiki
  3. Single User: No Drama
  4. Noobs come first.
A couple things. For one thing, we are not widely advertising ourselves. Many tildes choose to advertise What sets apart, is that we are all One. There is only one user, and it is all of us. There are benefits to this. Are there drawbacks? I'm sure. But if this isn't what you're looking for, you can always go start an account on another tilde, anyways.

The Server

The server is a basic Linux server running Debian 9.

The webpages are served by nginx.

The server is hosted on DigitalOcean servers as a Virtual Private Server.

The server is hosted on U.S. soil...

The Logo

The logo we're using was released under the Creative Commons license for any use. We found it fitting, that in creating a collaborative opensource society, even our logo would be opensource. So we don't own this art, and we didn't even create it, we just used it as a celebration of the All-for-One, One-for-All, united as one, divided by zero, opensource revolution. And it's beautiful! It captures the freedom and simplicity of the experiment perfectly!

The original link to our logo can be found here on, and was created by the user Arousaland. Many thanks!!!

" Images and Videos on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons CC0. To the extent possible under law, uploaders of Pixabay have waived their copyright and related or neighboring rights to these Images and Videos. You are free to adapt and use them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes without attributing the original author or source. Although not required, a link back to Pixabay is appreciated. "


* is your home in the clouds.*
(sounds cooler than it is...)

Since I don't have physical possession of the server, is basically stored in "the Cloud", so I cannot provide any guarantee over the security of any information stored on this server. In addition, the server is hosted on U.S. soil, making it susceptible to whatever that entails.

This means, don't use this server to do illegal shit.

And for the introverts and paranoid agents out there, it also means that it's up to you to obscure your connection in ways that prevent your user activity from being linked back to your irl identity, and obscure your user activity in ways that prevent your different user sessions from being linked to each other.

These measures are not necessary to use, however they are necessary to effectively circumvent Skynet's ability to compile a profile of all your activity, which could eventually be linked to your irl identity.

Please Bee Aware

Be Aware. Beware. Bee Aware.

We cannot guarantee that all the information on this server is secure. This is because we do not have physical possession of our servers, as we are hosting them in the cloud owned by DigitalOcean Inc. We also can't guarantee your telecommunications aren't being monitored by the NSA.

Although we would have no idea if all our traffic and data was siezed at the level of the DigitalOcean servers, we could know if the FBI or any other three-lettered organization took our passwords directly from us. And in that case, there is supposedly a technicality where we would be allowed to remove the picture below although we wouldn't be allowed to directly communicate whether or not our server has been compromised. And depending on the technicalities, we might have to remove this paragraph along with it.

Now that you've hopefully read this whole page and you understand the environment you're in, we hope you feel free to participate with an open mind, and an open heart, though it may be delicately tempered by a scientific skepticism, and perfectly realistic levels of paranoia.

Come on in! Although there may be deeper, more hidden elements to this website, awaiting your discovery, here are some of the things that are immediately available to ALL of Anonymous and Rainbow Family:

The Chat

This is a chat that is realtime and represents no user identities. Everyone is anon. This means everyone is able to express all sides of themselves in realtime so that all our conflicting perspectives may have converse with each other without the friction of our egos, and free of the perceived expectations of others that keep us trapped in our own story of our "self". //, hopefully exposing deeper truths with greater efficiency by avoiding the friction of omindb pironsegos.

Anyone can log on the chat at

The Wiki

The wiki is open for anyone and everyone. That means YOU! All of Anonymous and Rainbow Family is welcome here. That means YOU! There is no usernames or passwords for this wiki, it is available for anyone to edit, and this is where we build our world together.

The wiki is hosted at


Coming soon!

But there's stuff about it on YouTube if you search #thep0rtals. Here at we plan to open our own p0rtal because the previous couple p0rtals we knew about have ceased to exist, and we can't find any open for the public right now.

Getting Started:

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  2. The Vision

  3. The backstory