Browser activity and IP addresses are
being logged by government surveillance.

Anonymity is won only by understanding
and using multiple tools like Tor-Browser.
Status update:

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...still works. ;D

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Crypto-anarchism (or crypto-anarchy) is a form of anarchy accomplished through computer technology. Crypto-anarchists employ cryptographic software to evade persecution and harassment while sending and receiving information over computer networks, in an effort to protect their privacy, their political freedom, and their economic freedom.

One motive of crypto-anarchists is to defend against surveillance of computer networks communication. Crypto-anarchists try to protect against government mass surveillance, such as PRISM, Tempora, telecommunications data retention, the NSA warrantless surveillance, Room 641A, the FRA and so on. Crypto-anarchists consider the development and use of cryptography to be the main defense against such problems.

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CMU "Secret Prisons" #TEDtalk💬

There are Secret Prisons in the USA. They are being used as a testing grounds for an especially brutal type of confinement, where the residents are in solitary confinement for long periods of time, and almost completely cut off from the outside world. They are primarily used for people who have been accused of "terrorism". They are disproportionately filled with muslims, and also include environmental activists. It is considered a "pilot program" that they might continue to roll out. It's very inhumane, and they are very secretive about it. This journalist is possibly the first person to speak publicly about it in 2015.

CMU stands for "Communications Management Unit" which is a very 1984 way of saying they basically keep everyone completely isolated from the outside world.

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The Story of Stuff

A well-made video that's just over ten years old now, that explores the story of our stuff from "cradle to grave". Where does it come from? Where does it go? And how does it affect the good people of Earth from the beginning to the end of it's journey?

A great reminder even for those who have seen the video before.

Apparently, the video spawned a greater push toward collective action using this video as a rallying cry, and this website as a rallying point:

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We're starting to see some more effects of global warming...

"It's So Damn Hot Around The World Right Now"

..these symptoms are a sign of all of us humans failing each other, and they will only worsen as long as we fail to rapidly and radically alter our lifestyles to better suit our biosphere.


"[wildfires are] also burning throughout the Arctic Circle, particularly in Siberia. The flames release climate-heating carbon dioxide into the atmosphere."

“The amount of CO2 emitted from Arctic Circle fires in June 2019 is larger than all of the CO2 released from Arctic Circle fires in the same month from 2010 through to 2018 put together,” Thomas Smith, a geography professor at the London School of Economics, told Motherboard.

"The heat baked France, which shattered its temperature record: In Gallargues-le-Montueux, in southern France, temps hit 114 degrees Fahrenheit on June 28, beating the 2003 record of 111 degrees during a heat wave that left 15,000 dead."

"Temperatures hit 120 degrees Fahrenheit in early June in Churu in Northern India. They’ve abated since, but water reservoirs are still drying up."

"In the Chinese capital, temperatures hit at least 102 degrees Fahrenheit in early June, according to the Beijing News. That’s the hottest day the city’s seen in the last 50 years."

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Announcing Operation: #whatsinit💬?

The chemical industry has gotten way out of hand. The industrial complex is so over-reaching that it's hard to find anything that isn't full of toxins, and harder to figure out exactly which toxins. Lobbyists have muddled the truth, and slowed progress in regulation, as usual.. and when a chemical does finally get regulated, chemists often just swap out one molecule for another, give it another name, and the show goes on.

This operation calls for seeking out the truth to what things contains what chemicals. This includes food, household items, natural products - everything. What's in it? What don't we know?

Label your posts in a way that organizes it by the items themselves, like @food💬, @lumber💬, @clothing💬, or whatever else you're exposing, and finally tag it with #whatsinit💬

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Openbook is Anonymous' answer to Facebook.

The problem was the mass surveillance.
The problem was the mass hysteria.
The problem was the algorithmic newsfeed.
The problem was that everything you said was tied to your irl identity.

The problem was the Ad Hominem Fallacy.

Openbook is our solution.

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