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We want an Internet that feels like a place of real community, instead of a sea of faces shouting into the void. However, we also value anonymity for the protections it affords those who want to speak the truth, and the insulation it affords you to speak your private thoughts in a public place.

So is attempting to deliver the best of both worlds: A small-town vibe, with the anonymity of a big city.

Everybody's Welcome!

"Whatever the guarantees, I believe liberty resides in its exercise. Liberty is really about the ability to feel free and behave accordingly. You are only as free as you act. Free people must be willing to speak up and listen. They can't merely consume the fruits of freedom, they have to produce them. This exercise of liberty requires that people trust one another and the institutions that they make together. They have to feel at home in their society."

    —John Perry Barlow from the essay To Be At Liberty

Everyone deserves to feel at home in their society.

Not everyone does feel at home, though...

That's why was created. To give the outcasts and freethinkers a place to feel at home again. A place where we can come together to enjoy a sense of community and reimagine how to use the Internet. A place where we can teach each other good security practices so that we can continue to enjoy privacy and anonymity, even amidst a surveillance state. And utilizing that anonymity, gives us the opportunity to have a much-needed candid conversation about what to do about the chaotic state of our world, the overbearing state of technology, the rampant greed and corruption, the overwhelming affects of artificial intelligence, and the growing concerns of how convenience and "frictionless" technology are decaying the human mind.

Some issues that have earned our attention

  1. A sense of alienation and isolation has left many people feeling a part of nothing. We believe that a sense of belonging is important to the health of the individual and the world, and so we offer a community to take part in that is completely non-partisan, in that anyone is welcome to voice their opinions, and no one can retaliate against anyone else for their views because there are no usernames or individual identities to get hung up on.
  2. A sense of hopelessness is preventing a lot of practical action from being taken to improve the state of things. We hope to help return a sense of hope to humanity so that we might have the emotional resilience to work toward improving the world we live in. We do this by giving people a digital landscape that they are welcome to help shape, to remind people that we are not dependant on systems that are not of our design, and that we can still shape the world we live in.
  3. We hope to give users of the website a relatively easy way to circumvent the surveillance state by not keeping track of users at all. If your Internet connection is masked, or you've come to this website through the tor browser, your tracks are covered, and you will have no paper trail to your personal activity because there are no usernames or user accounts to keep track of.
  4. We hope to counteract the brainwashing and distraction of social media by giving people a place to connect outside of the realms of social media. We need not remain dependant on the corporate middle men, with their websites powered by artificial intelligence that is hell-bent on maximizing profits,
  5. Nothing can help humanity keep up with technology outside of making the understanding of technology more accessible. Technology is not as hard to comprehend as we've been taught. On we welcome anyone who is personally invited to enjoy direct access to the Linux command line that lies beneath the surface of this website, just as it does for every website, so that you can learn about the background foundation of websites and how much power there is when you are allowed to do anything you want on a computer rather than only what the face of the website allows.
  6. We need to take the AI overthrow seriously. There is no one entity behind the AI, but the AI is a decentralized force that is slowly but surely replacing people and making all the systems of humanity more efficient - which is not a good thing in a world where most money goes to fund wars and maximize profits at all costs.
  7. Ultimately, we aim to encourage humanity to live with a greater degree of unity and to overcome the divisive tactics of everything from COINTELPRO to gang injunctions to the late revelations about TigerSwan.

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