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We want an Internet that feels like a place of real community, instead of a sea of faces shouting into the void. However, we also value anonymity for the protections it affords those who want to speak the truth, and the insulation it affords you to speak your private thoughts in a public place.

So is attempting to deliver the best of both worlds: A small-town vibe, with the anonymity of a big city.

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"Whatever the guarantees, I believe liberty resides in its exercise. Liberty is really about the ability to feel free and behave accordingly. You are only as free as you act. Free people must be willing to speak up and listen. They can't merely consume the fruits of freedom, they have to produce them. This exercise of liberty requires that people trust one another and the institutions that they make together. They have to feel at home in their society."

    —John Perry Barlow from the essay To Be At Liberty

Everyone deserves to feel at home in their society.

Not everyone does feel at home, though.

While most people have some sort of social structure that they are born into, many reject it, or are ejected from it, and end up living in the cracks, and the spaces between spaces.

Here we collect in the cracks. Our camps repeatedly torn down. Our communities repeatedly scattered to the winds. Never finding enough stability to sit still without worrying about what's coming our way. Put into a frenzied state of always being on the move, trying to get somewhere you're allowed to be, then trying to leave before you're kicked out. Homeless trauma puts us all in this state of trying to stay on the move to survive. Sleeping has become the second greatest crime of all, second only to gathering in large groups.

There seems to be a tragic agenda playing out to break our will and divide community until there is no solidarity or trust left among people.

Here at the we welcome anyone and everyone to feel at home. A camp that can't be torn down by police because it doesn't exist in physical space. A camp that won't be ripped apart by interpersonal drama, because there are no individuals.

Welcome home!

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