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You found our Wiki!!!

This is our wiki. It is simple, but effective. It has no usernames or passwords, and is open for anyone to edit.

We're using the wikicreole implementation from:

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Using Wikicreole
Planned Features
Known Issues
Tracking Progress

Getting Started

The power of the wiki is that anyone and everyone can add to it, and improve upon what is already there! So, please, edit the articles! Add new articles! is everyone's camp! This is your world, too!

Create a New Article!

To start a new article, or jump to another article, just use the "Jump to" box at the bottom of every page.

Try not to remove valid information, and try not to spread false information, but you can add any imaginative and creative thing you can think of as well! If you're worried about messing up an article, but you want to edit something, just create a new article and write whatever you want!

Don't take it too serious... just use your imagination!

Edit an Article

Just click the "edit" tab on the top-right of any page, and start editing!

The quick and easy definition of the syntax for the wiki (like headers, making things bold, or italics) is at the bottom of every edit tab.

The History Tab

There is no functionality built in to keep track of the history of an article, yet.


This wiki is very simple, has very few prerequisites, and can basically be installed very easily on any server. So if you want to add it to your own website, FEEL FREE! You can download it here!

Installation Requirements

This wiki requires only PHP, and Python.

All data is stored as files. No database needed.

Installation instructions:

Using Wikicreole

Wikicreole is a wiki syntax created specifically to maximize the accessibility of editing wikis so that everyone could easily participate in the creation of these collaborative libraries of information.

The specification can be found here:

Planned Features

Known Issues

Bugs reported: 4

We keep a record of any bugs to the wiki program we are using, right here, so that they can be fixed.

We try to arrange and rearrange the bugs listed in the order that they will probably be fixed.

Bug 1: No history.

I hope to add the ability to save the entire history of every file very soon. I plan on doing that using just the diff linux command, if I can. This means every edit will be kept track of by storing a file saving the change made for every edit. The current page will be the original page plus every edit made, in order, culminating in the final edit - however for saving on processing this final page will also be stored as it's own flat html page.


Bug 2: Flawed naming convention.

The names of the articles are not all good. The process of transitioning an article name to and from a url is apparently not perfectly symmetrical. The problem could be as simple as using the "urlencode()" and "urldecode()" methods properly, and at the right times.

See details at: homeee' and three'' sup.

Bug 3: No simultaneous edits (because no history).

This should be fixed once the history works. By using the diff command to save a file recording each edit, two simultaneous edits can never be quite simultaneous because they aren't editing the same file. They may start with the same file, but once the first file is opened to record the changes made, the next user will have a different file opened that is in order of who started editing first, and once both people commit their changes their edits will be combined to create the final edit.

Bug 4: Capitalization matters in the article naming convention.

This is not a logic error, just bad design. Multiple articles can be made using the same word or phrase, if the capitalization is different.

What we want:

What we don't want:

Chances are that everything will be simplified to all lowercase, except that the original capitalization of the name will be stored forever as the first line in the text file.

Tracking Progress

This is a record of the things that got fixed.

Fixed: Quotes are working!

Using 'file_put_contents()' instead of janky inserted BASH code really did the trick!

Also doesn't add empty lines every edit anymore.

And now using escapeshellcmd() to prevent code injection on the server. :D

Fixed: Internal links are working!

I ended up swapping out for thesheep's wikicreole python implementation instead of what I was using. This one was much easier to edit the internal links. So all internal links are preceded by "?p=" now. So the internal pages work. It also doesn't require knowledge of the name of the folder it's in, so it can be easily migrated.

I also moved all pages to the "pages/" folder which was easy because I already used a $subfolder variable, I just hadn't used it yet.

I just stripped the main contents from which is just a folder named "creole" and less than ten python files in it. In there, searching "extern" in the file finds the external and internal links code, and there I could just add "?p=" so that all internal links are preceded by "?p=".

Fixed: Added an index of links to all articles

We added an index of all articles here, on the home page, just so they're easy to find. This list is automatically generated just below the editable parts of the home page.

Fixed: Smart Quotes are dealt with!

Using code from the input is filtered to convert all the fancy-shmancy quotes to simple quotes so that can process it properly.

Testing tables...

fredsan mateorocks
zedsan josemud
roysan franciscokeychains

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