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Built in the spirit of Anonymous and Rainbow Family alike.

We created to help reinvent our experience of today's Hyperlinked Reality. There are a few things that have gone terribly wrong in our rapid and turbulent transition to the digital age. For one thing, where once the Internet was conducted more like a public library, marketing has taken hold, and the Internet is starting to look a lot more like a frikkin' casino.

We want an Internet that feels like a place of real community, instead of a sea of faces shouting into the void. However, we also value anonymity for the protections it affords those who want to speak the truth, and the insulation it affords you to speak your private thoughts in a public place.

So is attempting to deliver the best of both worlds: A small-town vibe, with the anonymity of a big city.

This tilde is just one of many tildes that have been created in the push to reclaim the Internet as a place of learning, exploration, and collaboration, instead of self-aggrandizing, marketing, and psy-ops. To reconstruct the Internet that inspired the creation of sites like Wikipedia and WikiLeaks, before the Internet got bogged down by surveillance, selfies, algorithmic newsfeeds, and artificial-intelligence-driven advertising.

~tilde (n.) - in computer terms, the tilde is used to represent the home directory of any user on any unix system (which includes all Linux systems).

So, for the user with the username "sum1", their home directory:
would be represented simply as "~", so the subdirectory:
would be represented simply as:

So tilde means home.

Welcome Home!

The original idea of the tilde was simple: create a Linux box, then give out user accounts. This means giving lots of people access to the command line on the same computer. Everyone can write new files, create new programs, and run other people's programs. Which means everyone is able to see what everyone else is working on, and everyone can participate equally in sculpting the landscape that they inhabit, rather than just living in a world of it's own design, such as Facebook or Twitter.

~This tilde is a little different.~

No login required.
Most of this website is on the surface web.
Just like Anonymous and Rainbow, everyone is welcome.

There is a secret backdoor.
Anonymous has back doors and rabbit holes.
Rainbow has "A Camp" and "B Camp".
In a similar spirit, this website has a surface level that welcomes everyone, and a deeper level that has prerequisites to access.

Ask for password in-person, only.
Just as Rainbow encourages real-world human connection, the deep web back-end Linux portion of the website is only available to those who personally know the host of the server, and can ask them for the password, in-person.

No individual user accounts.
In the spirit of Anonymous, we seek to disolve the ego. So we all share the same back-end account, and you can't necessarily tell who said or did what.

Multi-user account.
If someone sabotages the website, the password is changed. This forces everyone to once again ask for the new password in-person. This allows some degree of control and moderation over the community without requiring individual identities to be tracked and monitored. Everyone will be punished, and the message is clear: the event which triggered a password change is unacceptable.

This also offers space for redemption. Even if the perpetrator is not discovered, the behavior they exhibited is discouraged. Each time the password has to be changed, the password will be given out much more slowly and carefully, and everyone runs the risk of never getting access again. Therefore, it is in everyone's best interest to not do anything to ruin it for everyone.

We do not offer webspace for personal pages.
There is a wiki, however anyone can edit the wiki so you have no control over "your own page". The wiki is better suited to create articles that anyone can contributed to.

Most tildes require you to know a bit about Linux.

All this tilde requires is your curiosity.

This is like the tilde for beginners.

We are here to create an Internet
FOR and BY the PEOPLE!!!

A post-facebook world.