Browser activity and IP addresses are
being logged by government surveillance.

Anonymity is won only by understanding
and using multiple tools like Tor-Browser.


We are Anonymous.

United as One. Divided by Zero.

We are uniting humanity.

Expect It.

The time for transformation is now.

Anonymous is a movement of personal empowerment.
It is not a group that is coming to save you.
It is you.

We are the people we have been waiting for.

Anonymous is the voice of truth in your heart, finally ringing out into the world without fear of consequences.

Anonymous is the voice that has no reputation to protect.

Anonymous is the voice without identity, so that the message can be judged for what's being said and not for who is saying it.

No one can speak for all of Anonymous, yet anyone can speak as Anonymous. For we speak as one.

Anonymous is the collective mouthpiece of humanity, schizophrenic and dissonant at first, yet slowly coming to an agreement with itself of how we can finally build a world that works for everyone.

And this website is simply to help speed up that conversation.

Click the image below to watch
Video: "The Lie We Live"

"Living in a world full of deceit,
speaking the truth is revolutionary."

How to Use Openbook

Openbook allows anyone to post a status update as Anonymous. You can also comment on other status updates, and even hold ongoing conversations, all as Anonymous. The reason there is no need for a username or password is because everyone is essentially logged on as the same user: the unified, yet decentralized, collective-yet-singular entity of Anonymous. Which is why all the status updates begin with "We". This gives everyone a platform for making epic and profound statements from a universalist perspective: i.e. "We the People of Earth".

If you "share" a status update in the main newsfeed, it just gets bumped to the top of "recent" as if it were just posted, and any comments that were on it will still be there as well. If you "share" a comment on a status update, it is reposted as its own status update. And when the site is especially active, any page refresh will reveal if anyone has replied to anything you posted or commented on with a little mail icon. That way you can get your social media fix by wormholing into conversations as long as you want, without the need of an account or login. We do this by tracking your history in your own cookies, which is erased after an hour of not using the website. Or by simply clearing your cookies.

Anonymous is a beautiful idea. An idea that can realistically bring about global unity of all of humanity. But some people don't like the way the robot voice sounds. And some people have trouble editing together sound and video to produce their own Anonymous video. But with Openbook, anyone and everyone can easily participate. Of course, this is just reinventing the wheel, as Anonymous was originally text and images posted anonymously on forums and imageboards. But with this cute layout that mimmicks social media, as well as the messaging system that lets people dive into pointless conversation for days on end if they want, we have hopefully delivered to people a convenient way to ween themselves off the identity-driven culture that most social media is based on.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We may forgive..


We do not forget.

Expect Us!

What is Openbook?

Openbook is Anonymous' answer to Facebook.

On Facebook, all our actions are tied to our face and name. This makes us think twice before we post something, essentially censoring ourselves. Since we know that everything is documented and tied to our identity, we tailor our actions to be socially acceptable to everyone who is watching. Everyone on our "friends" list.

As time drags on, you realize you're forever tethered to everyone from your past. The same argument with the guy from high school will play out every time you try to discuss religion, so you eventually tire of the conversation and stop mentioning it. Your uncle always steers the comments under your political posts toward a liberals versus conservatives rhetoric so you can never seem to get across your point about global unity. You become caught in a feedback loop of conversation that goes nowhere.

Social media seems to hold the promise of waking up the masses, but because everything is attached to our old world identities, and our perception of each other, the assumptions and illusions we have defined our relationships on are held in place by our constant presence in each other's lives. This is how groupthink works. It's how TV has been used to keep us stuck in a collective illusion, and it's how our own relationships to each other are being used against us through Facebook to hold that TV reality in place.

And now that anyone can take pictures with their camera phones, and anyone can tag anyone else in any Facebook picture, the 1984 Big Brother surveillance era is finally upon us. Anyone with a Facebook account is catalogued. Their actions documented. Their interests noted. Networks of their relationships mapped out. Their consumer profile bought and sold on the global market to allow personally tailored advertising campaigns to target each and every one of us.

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Your likeness might get turned into an embarassing meme. Or you say something stupid online one drunken night, and get dogpiled for it by all of your "friends". One day someone posts a photo of you doing something embarassing or illegal, and carelessly tags you in it anyways, and you begin to see the mess we're letting ourselves get dragged into. If you get mad at them, they get mad at you. You can remove the tag but you know it's already documented somewhere. And now it might be automatically tagged using facial recognition, anyways, so it feels like privacy is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. It would seem the only escape is to get away from everyone with cameraphones, and stop using Facebook altogether.

But you just can't seem to unplug. You can sort of fake "delete" your account, but you know it isn't really deleted because Facebook invites you to reactivate your account at any time. And some people have become so used to Facebook that they'll use it as the only form of communication, so you'll completely lose touch with people when you leave Facebook. And if you just start to use Facebook less and less, but don't completely delete it, your "friends" might continue to message you, and forget that you aren't using Facebook, and then they'll wonder why you're ignoring them. Pretty soon they'll decide you've snubbed them, and your irl friendship will suffer for it. Sometimes even people you've only just met will try to connect with you on Facebook as if it's the new phone number, perhaps even being offended if you refuse the information. One way or another, you eventually find yourself feeling pressured into logging back in.

As time goes on, and the migration off of Facebook never seems to reach critical mass, people start to psychologically adjust to the prison we're being funneled into. They'll say you're being "negative" when you point out the problems with Facebook, and they in turn point out what they like about Facebook. This is because, in a state of cognitive dissonance, when our actions are out of line with our thoughts and beliefs, we seek to change either one or the other to bring our thoughts and actions into harmony once again. So, since we have so much trouble taking action and getting off Facebook, we eventually fool ourselves into thinking Facebook isn't that bad. It's easier than finding or creating a decent alternative, after all.

Meanwhile, Facebook has openly admitted to running psychological experiments on unknowing users. Who knows which of us were chosen. They randomly selected a few thousand people, and filtered their newsfeeds to filter out either positive or negative emotional words like "happy" or "depressed". They then observed their predicted result: that the unwitting participants would themselves post fewer positive or negative emotional words in their own status updates, depending on which category was filtered out of their own newsfeed. The test was to see if emotional contagion could be manipulated through Facebook, and the results were that, yes, they could. And because we are so sensitive, and our emotions are so contagious, it could be argued that such an experiment affected not only the participants, but everyone on Facebook, and in turn everyone in the whole world.

One of the most bizarre things about this type of manipulation is that there are no artifacts that it is happening. There was no false information present. They only filtered the massive stream of information you're already subscribing to. Which makes this a great example of how our own communications are being manipulated by middlemen for profit, while our minds and relationships suffer.

(We can assume this information was promptly turned over to their artificial intelligence in an effort to increase their profits, no matter the cost to our emotional well-being.)

We cannot stand idly by as our minds are experimented on by those in power.

We cannot continue to voluntarily feed all of our information to those that would seek to use it against us.

Solidarity through anonymity.

Death of the ego through loss of identity.

United as One.

Divided by Zero.

We are Anonymous.

Contact Us

If you have comments, questions, or suggestions for the programmers of this website, please email

The source-code of the website is open-source, and is hosted at github. Copycat websites are welcome, as diversity is in nature itself and Anonymous is only powerful with multiplicity and decentralization.

Openbook Opensource Software is copy-lefted under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. We have a copy you can read for yourself, right here. It is essentially a modified version of the ordinary GNU GPL version 3, with one added requirement: if you run a modified program on a server and let other users communicate with it there, your server must also allow them to download the source code corresponding to the modified version running there. This is just in the interests of making it easier for anyone to start their own Openbook p0rtal, even duplicating or modeling it after a modified one if they wish.

This website was created in the spirit of distribution.