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3 months ago

Announcing Operation: #whatsinit💬?

The chemical industry has gotten way out of hand. The industrial complex is so over-reaching that it's hard to find anything that isn't full of toxins, and harder to figure out exactly which toxins. Lobbyists have muddled the truth, and slowed progress in regulation, as usual.. and when a chemical does finally get regulated, chemists often just swap out one molecule for another, give it another name, and the show goes on.

This operation calls for seeking out the truth to what things contains what chemicals. This includes food, household items, natural products - everything. What's in it? What don't we know?

Label your posts in a way that organizes it by the items themselves, like @food💬, @lumber💬, @clothing💬, or whatever else you're exposing, and finally tag it with #whatsinit💬

#intro💬 #whatsinit💬

3 months ago
Hopefully it's OK to just use this comments section to save some related links, until I get around to posting it properly.

Here's one about so-called "untreated lumber". I'll flush out the full post on this later, but just to bookmark it: