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5 months ago

Hashtags can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. They cannot contain spaces.

Hashtags must be separated by spaces! If you cram a string of hashtags together without spaces between them, they're hard to read, and on Openbook only the first hashtag will be turned into a link (in order to to discourage such madness).

Hashtags usually start with a letter, although they CAN start with a number, but ONLY if they ALSO include letters. This allows the original use of the "#" symbol to represent numbers without causing conflict with the newer use of # to represent hashtags. For example, numbers such as #1, or the meaning of life #42, will not turn into hashtag links or generate wiki articles.

Hashtags cannot have a space anywhere inside the hashtag, since a space marks the end of a hashtag. However, a hashtag can contain multiple words, as long as there are no spaces between the words. To make the hashtag more readable, capitalize each word in it. For instance, you can write @OpenbookHistory💬 instead of @openbookhistory💬, even though these both link to the same hashtag. You can also use an underscore in a hashtag, although this is uncommon.

If you're into the history of hashtags check out @HashtagHistory💬.

To theorize about how we can best use hashtags, use @HashtagTheory💬.

To learn how hashtags can inspire mass action, search these two hashtags together:
@Anonymous💬 @hashtags101💬

#howto💬 #openbook101💬 #hashtags101💬