Browser activity and IP addresses are
being logged by government surveillance.

Anonymity is won only by understanding
and using multiple tools like Tor-Browser.
2 months ago

Openbook is Anonymous' answer to Facebook.

The problem was the mass surveillance.
The problem was the mass hysteria.
The problem was the algorithmic newsfeed.
The problem was that everything you said was tied to your irl identity.

The problem was the Ad Hominem Fallacy.

Openbook is our solution.

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4 months ago

The oldest post about #openbook💬 that I could find...

This is presumably the initial release video for Openbook.


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4 months ago

The purpose of Openbook is to create a platform that can channel the collective voice of humanity, shielded by anonymity, and propagated through multiplicity and decentralization, to allow an ongoing unstoppable flow of truth.

Of course, this truth will always come along with the lies, the lulz, the trolls, and the psy-ops of the dark forces, but this is the mission of Openbook: to #keepthep0rtalsopen💬, and maintain the openness that the Internet originally introduced to humanity before "skynet" started to funnel humanity into the mind prison upheld by the combination of identity-driven social media and government-sponsored totalitarian surveillance programs.

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4 months ago

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