Welcome to the tilde wiki!!!! The wiki for ~Camp!

This is where all the happy campers of https://tilde.camp can document different ideas, compile their collective research, and share information with each other, away from the noise and chaos of the mainstream internet.

This is a simple wiki, powered by PHP, and using the python script creoledump to translate the WikiCreole into HTML.

To learn more about the wiki software itself, see ~wiki:about

The Library

The ~wiki is the Library of ~Camp. It is the gathering and collecting of knowledge. It is the coalescing of a deeper understanding, and a way to leave breadcrumb trails to help each other find our way.


Below you'll find some fun little sections of the Library that help us wrap our heads around all this knowledge.

Knowledge Banks

The Knowledge Banks are just categories, collecting information according to the form and function of that Knowledge Bank. These methods of how to decipher and categorize information into the appropriate Knowledge Banks is usually a process further expounded upon within the Knowledge Bank's main page.

Fantasy Worlds is a place to get away, and talk about various alternative realities. This can include videogames, books, tabletop games, card games, as well as roleplay and fictional writing played out in articles on this very wiki!

Lost Futures is a place to wrap our heads around the apocalypse we live in, how to cope, and how to survive.

Schizoid Realizations is a place to share different realizations you might have had, that you cannot reveal, because they would give up your secrets or illusions of security and normalcy in everyday life. These are the things that you want to say, but feel that you "can't".

Hacker Paradise is a place where we can share our coding adventures, tips and tricks, and categorize our knowledge of how to do cool coder stuff.

Human Resistance is where we discuss the perfect storm of technologies hijacking our psychology to plunge us into an emotionally toxic feedback loop that leaves everyone feeling vacant and lonely. We discuss the issues at hand, the limits of artificial intelligence, and how to mitigate these effects and create tools that help. But also to discuss more big-picture strategies and actions we can take.

Guest Book

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